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ASPAN Introduced Its Use of the App Telegram

Posted over 1 year ago

Last month, ASPAN introduced its use of the app Telegram, another platform we are utilizing to communicate with members, and members can communicate with each other, too. Telegram allows for instant messaging and is not the typical form of social media (it is unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). This is a fabulous option to stay connected, also for those not yet on social media.
The Telegram app is available for immediate download on your smartphone. There is also a Telegram icon/shortcut for your computer and other devices for instant messaging. After downloading the app on your smartphone, it requires your mobile phone number as your two-factor identification for use on laptops and tablets.
You must first download Telegram on your smart phone. Then, ask to join the Telegram group, ASPAN Perianesthesia Nurses - Members 2022-2023. You can also download and activate Telegram on your desktop and tablets by connecting it with your smart phone at
Just like other social media platforms there are rules of etiquette. Non-compliant members will be removed. Be courteous and professional. We are here collaboratively to create a civil and welcoming environment. Let's treat each other with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is always required.
Additional information about Telegram is available by visiting their website at
Posted on behalf of PANAC President, Brian Harradine, June 13, 2022