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ASPAN Region I Director's Update - February 2021

Posted 30 days ago by Gloria Luu

ASPAN Updates and Highlights

Hot off the presses, time to trade up and get your updated ASPAN 2021-2022 Perianesthesia Nursing Standard, Practice Recommendation’s and Interpretive Statements guideline.  By now, you have heard the ASPAN news of a virtual only conference.  As disappointing as it is not engaging in person, the safety of members and public is a priority in the challenging decision-making. The virtual venue has pledged to ensure a positive interaction for attendees.  ASPAN has been busy working behind the scenes developing education, exploring innovative methods for connecting members, sharing information and rekindling passion for our pereianesthesia practice.  ASPAN, AORN, AANA Taskforce is finishing the draft of a Whitepaper and seeks ASPAN Representative Assembly vote and approval for adopting the empowering Joint Position Statement.  Partnering with ASPAN is a grounding foundation to a magnificent organizational relationship; enhancing your connection to other members and sustaining to your perianethesia professional passion.

Volunteerism Through Service

The term volunteerism has been chronicled as early as 1835; implies the act of volunteering personal time or abilities.1  What does volunteering and service look like?  Serving your community of members, team, society and colleagues can have many benefits for yourself and impacts others beyond measure.  Lifelong friendship, team activities, and social interactions certainly nurture the soul while aiding common goals.  All team members are needed to champion and promote resilience and innovation for our national organization ASPAN, your regional components, districts, committees and taskforces.

Volunteerism and service offers so much more than one would expect.  Voluminous reimbursements motivated via active social participation is essential through good deeds and serving.  Bigheartedly giving your time, energy, clinical expertise and commitment starts with you!  The reciprocity received as a result of volunteerism through service are incomparable.  Professional development, networking, connecting socially, career emphasis or learning for self-interest are just a few examples of paying it forward.2

Understanding the potential each person can contribute impacts our own perianesthesia specialty practice.  We all have a cornucopia of knowledge, experience and impact that offer gains to advance many outcomes, quality of influence, and performance benchmarks within our own society.  Volunteer involvement is important to ASPAN, you are encouraged to give freely time or talents, as we will all reap the awards of committed individuals.

I have had the privilege to serve on many ASPAN committees, strategic work teams, join the national table, as a board of director member for Region One and flourish from my member involvement.  Teambuilding, engagement and comradery are essential for non-profit organizations, including, ASPAN.  Generously offering to volunteer elevates skills, self-esteem, confidence, happiness and well-being.  Please consider sharing your service, power and adeptness to propel ASPAN’s compelling vision, core values and purpose.  Join the acts of volunteerism through service, I promise it will be a win-win for one and all.



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