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ASPAN Region 1 Director News - November 2020

Posted 4 months ago by Gloria Luu

ASPAN Regional Director – Region One

Region One Director News 

Let’s celebrate collectively as we quickly close out the 2020 year; it certainly has been a unique, occupied, and demanding time for everyone.  You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed, we have all had to reach into our inner spirits and retrieve personal adaptability to the present times.  Despite the consequences of COVID-19, we have all been accepting of our professional responsibilities to provide excellent healthcare to our diverse populations, both from the comfort of our specific perianesthesia units or the dreaded deployment to unfamiliar environments. 

Region One components have been innovative, fully engaged, and industrious this fall.  Scheduling virtual meetings or educational platforms embrace steep learning curves for planners and attendees.  The past ten months advocated electronic meetings and have become our innovative podium to bridge the abyss along with foster networking, sharing knowledge, and keeping our members connected to our perianesthesia specialty.  

Congratulations to Region One components NAPANA, PANAC, and AzPANA for hosting virtual fall conferences.  Other components have transitioned leadership and oriented new board members.  Despite the disruptive pandemic, ASPAN components have remained committed and championed volunteerism.  There continues to be a robust effort by chairpersons and members to serve the diverse committee work and strategic work teams that support ASPAN mission and vision.  

ASPAN leadership has been attentive to behind the scenes of matters.  Together, we have collaborated as a dynamic team to revise the ASPAN strategic plan; updated and created bylaws and policies; supported component revitalizations; and generated component resource tools.  Some of the new policies added to the collection include e-voting, 990 policy, whistleblower, storage, and document destruction.  There were two new strategic work teams (SWT) created, one called Well-being SWT and another, Humanitarian Global Outreach Strategic Work Team (HuGO SWT).

I have been fortunate to be appointed and participate on the ASPAN Workplace Civility Task Force team.  We worked collaboratively with two other national organizations AORN and AANA.  This is the first time these three influential organizations have jointly united in partnership to create key outcomes to yield a PICO question and two products involving a civility position statement and followed by a published white paper in 2021.  The future steps will require two approvals.  One from all three-national board of directors. The second step is to seek an electronic vote from the 2020 seated ASPAN’s Representative Assembly members.

At the ASPAN mid-year board meeting on November 1, ABPANC President Lynn Nolan reported the number of certified nurses for CPAN 6,925; CAPA 4,920; dual certification 834; a total of certified nurse’s 12,679. Continue to encourage colleagues or yourself to take the step and become nationally certified, the rewards are plentiful.

Taking care of yourself should be a personal priority.  As perianesthesia nurses, we are distinguished for delivering excellent care.  Yet, in reality, we struggle to acknowledge our own self-care needs.  Value your happiness, health, share gratitude, give smiles, commit to better habits, and empower your perianesthesia practice.  It is essential to invest in your well-being to promote your life-long resilience, provide care, and serve others while advocating kindness.