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Letter to PANAC Members re-Education Chair-Elect --TIME SENSITIVE!

Posted 12 months ago

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Hello fellow PANAC members,

Thank you all who attended our PANAC 40th Anniversary seminar and annual meeting in Burbank this past weekend. We had a great time with all of you and honored to have many of our past PANAC Presidents and board member in attendance. There were wonderful speakers, vendors, food, and surprises. I hope you all learned new information, networked and made new friends, and enjoyed some rest and relaxation.

Our newly elected Education Chair-elect unfortunately resigned on Sunday, following the election, before the Board of Directors meeting. He stated this was due to conflict with work and personal commitments. Therefore, we are looking for someone who would like to take that next step in their professional career and run for this position. This is a two- year commitment, one year as Education Chair-elect, and the second year as Education Chair. The main duties of this position are to assist the Education Chair in providing our state education offerings, and to work with the Education Chair and District Directors in providing educational programs for our members. Attached are both the job description for this PANAC Board of Directors position and the PANAC Willingness to Serve form. Please refer to the attached policy for more details including prerequisites.

If you would like to run for candidacy for Education Chair-elect, please fill out the Willingness to serve form and a brief bio of yourself including your interest and qualifications for running for this position. Then return them to me either by email or snail mail (see below). The deadline to submit these forms is Friday, November 15th. PANAC will hold a special election by email with all PANAC members soon after.

Please feel free to contact me or Brian Harradine, our PANAC Education Chair, at with any questions or clarifications regarding this open position. Please take this time to consider running for this position and joining our PANAC Board of Directors. Being part of the PANAC board has truly enriched my life professionally and personally. It is exciting and engaging to be part of this group that is passionate about perianesthesia nursing practice. We are committed to serving our membership and representing the PANAC organization.

I look forward to hearing back from you with interest of running for the newly vacant PANAC Education Chair-elect position.


Karen Woods RN CPAN CAPA

2019-2020 PANAC President

1975 Hyde Burndale Rd.

Sonoma, CA 95476

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